Pambula Courthouse & Bega Valley Shire Council

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The Bega Valley Genealogy Committee would like to thank all the people who took an interest in our plight, and wrote to the Bega Valley Shire Councillors.   We are all greatly relieved that Bega Valley Shire Council has agreed to reduce the rent for the court house back to the basic minimum charge of $560 per year plus C.P.I.

The Genealogy Society like other small museums in the shire are non for profit groups and are maintained by volunteers who work many hours collecting, recording and preserving the valley’s history for our generation and future generations to come.  These precious resources, collections, family histories and Archives are priceless.

We would like to thank Sharon Tapscott and especially Russell Fitzpatrick for their interest and support.

I would like to thank Cr. Mitchell Nadin who asked the initial question on notice regarding lease arrangements at the Old Pambula Courthouse, at a Council meetings.

This is the motion put forward by Cr Russell Fitzpatrick – Background on Use of Council Facilities for historical related purposes.

Notice of Motion

That Council be provided with a report in relation to the use of Council facilities by museums, including current management arrangements, costs and possible options in relations to financial support for the important voluntary committees operating from these assets.


The Bega Valley Shire has a number of museums that are situated on Council-managed land.  These museums are predominantly run by volunteers and are important for the preservation of the Shire’s history.

The Shire’s museums are appreciated by many locals and tourists.  Costs associated with the management and operation of Council facilities in which these museums are located need to be considered to ensure the structural integrity of these facilities is maintained into the future and both the museums and the facilities continue to be financially viable.

A special thank you to Jenny Drenkhahn from the Eden Killer Whale Museum and Shirley Bazley from the Merimbula Old School Museum who spoke at the public forum prior to the Council Meeting on the 25th Nov ’20.


Below is the outcome from the BVSC minutes 25th Nov ‘20:

11.2 Bega Valley Shire Museums
259/20 RESOLVED on the motion of Crs Fitzpatrick and Bain 

1.    That Council receive and note the report.

2.    That Council enter into a formal tenure arrangement with the Bega Valley Historical  Society Incorporated for their occupation of the Bega Pioneers’ Museum (being Lot 1             DP  787591) located at 87 Bega Street, Bega, for an annual rental fee in line with  Council’s adopted minimum fee.

3.    That Council approve further formal tenure for the Bega Valley Genealogy Society Incorporated for their occupation of the Old Pambula Courthouse and Police Station                  building within Reserve 180066 at Pambula for an annual fee in line with Council’s adopted minimum fee.

4.    That Council, as Crown Land Manager of the Old Merimbula School site Reserve R84856,  resolve to enter into a further five year licence agreement with the Merimbula              Imlay Historical Society Incorporated for their continued occupation of the Old School House Building located on Crown Reserve 84856 at Merimbula for a fee in line  with         Council’s adopted minimum fee.

5.    That Council, as Crown Land Manager of the Old Merimbula School site Reserve R84856, resolve to enter into a further five year licence agreement with the Merimbula                Scout and  Guide Associations for their occupation of the Hall and section of land at the rear of Crown Reserve 84856 at Merimbula for a fee in line with Council’s adopted          minimum fee.

6.    That Council note that by reducing the fees charged for use of Council managed Facilities there will be budgetary implications.

7.    That Council authorise the General Manager and Mayor to execute the necessary documentation to formalise the above course of action.

8.    That Council convene an initial meeting within 6 months to resolve with each  committee, maintenance issues and rental and to develop an ongoing maintenance                        schedule.

9.    That Council’s policy on Crown Land rentals is reviewed.

10.  That the lease agreement for tenants of museums within the Shire includes maintenance  and repairs as the responsibility of the tenants.

IN FAVOUR:             Crs Fitzpatrick, Bain, Nadin, Griff, McBain, Seckold, Dodds and Allen

AGAINST:                  Nil

Thank you