Can You Help ? – Kameruka Photographs

? with Jersey Cow
9     Jimmy Henwood Stud Manager         with Jersey Cow  Source: Dawn         Coleman
10 Does anyone know who she is?
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11. Left Jimmy Henwood Stud Manager Person on the right is Brian Joseph McDonald (Section Manager, Kameruka) photo early 1960;s


The Society continues to digitise the historic rural Kameruka Estate records and photographs.   Assistance to name these photographs would be much appreciated.   Each photograph has a number please quote the number when identify which one you are naming.

Please email the   and put “Attention Lorraine – Kameruka photos’ in the Subject line. Thank you 


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12.  Brian Joseph McDonald (Section Manager, Kameruka)
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13. Men: L to R: John DOYLE, Sam WILLIAMS, George WHEATLEY, Mr.W. W.  WREN, Harry DAVIES, Mr. Robert LUCAS-TOOTH, Arthur Champneys, Robert PERRETT, Andrew GODFREY, Leonard LUCAS-TOOTH, William Thompson JACOMBS, Herbert PARKER.  Women L to R: Girl Chelsea GRODFREY, Miss Yvonne LUCAS-TOOTH, Mrs. WREN, Mrs. LUCAS-TOOTH, Mrs CHAMPNEYS.
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14  L to R: Frank BEST, Bill O’REILLY and John TURNER
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8 Freisian steer and handler ……………
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1. Horse Rider
2; –Nurse Grace Mitchell
3. Workers in Island Factory
4. Black smith forge
5 — Handler Jersey Cow
6. I to R Gladys James —– 1916
7. Milker’s at Buckhurst,  Are members of the TROY Family